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Application of 3 – (cyclohexylamine) – 1-propanesulfonic acid in new coatings

October 13, 2022by admin0

As one of the biological buffers, CAPS is widely used in biochemical detection and test kits. It is not surprising that the biological buffer is used in the biochemical field, but in recent years, it also appears frequently in the industrial field. Is this too big a span? Next, we will specifically introduce how CAPS is applied in the industrial field.
In 1960, the coating technology in industry began to spread gradually. At that time, it was generally believed that coatings could improve the beauty of buildings to a certain extent. With the continuous development of society and the change of people’s needs, the traditional coating technology can not meet the qualified requirements, so it is difficult to promote the use of large areas. After the technical reform, many products in the industry have improved, and the paint has been paid attention to again. However, after the wall is painted, it takes a long time for the paint to dry, and people need to spend a lot of time waiting for it to dry, which is extremely inconvenient.
In addition, the early paint has strong hydrophilicity. Even if it takes time to dry it slowly, if there is no dry environment, it is easy to damage the wall if you accidentally touch the water. Later, some researchers found that if CAPS was added to the paint, this disadvantage could be greatly improved.
CAPS reacts with isocyanate and triallylamine under suitable environment to produce a sulfonylurea derivative emulsifier. However, the original characteristics of aliphatic polyisocyanate are changed by CAPS. The two are combined to form a stable, clear and turbidity free emulsion. The coating obtained after neutralization with tertiary amine is superior to the early traditional coating in terms of dryness, curing degree and resistance.

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