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DP cyclohexylamine salt/mono cyclohexylammonium phosphate enolpyruvate, cas10526-80-4

October 13, 2022by admin0

Basic parameters
[Chinese name] Monocyclohexylamine phosphate enolpyruvate
[English name] Phosphoenolpyrovic acid cyclohexylammonium salt
[Chinese Alias] Phosphoenolpyruvic Acid | 2 – (Phosphonyloxy) Acrylic Acid Cyclohexylamine Salt | Phosphoenolpyruvic Acid Monocyclohexylamine Salt | ADP Cyclohexylamine Salt
Physicochemical properties of mono cyclohexyl ammonium phosphate enolpyruvate
[Boiling point] 466.7C at 760mmHg
[Melting point] 140 ° C
[Molecular Formula] C9H18NO6P
[Molecular weight] 267.216
Structural Formula
[Flash point] 236.1C
[Quality] 267.087158
[Appearance] White to yellowish powder and block
[Steam pressure] 5.29E-10mmHg at 25 ° C
[Storage conditions] Sealed in a cool and dry place at – 20 ° C.
[Use] Biochemical research. It can provide high-energy phosphate bond and serve as the substrate of pyruvate kinase in the regeneration system of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) for the determination of related enzymes.
CDP Star 160081-62-9
CSDP 142456-88-0
(4-Chlorophenylmercapto) (10-methyl-9,10-dihydroacridine methylene) disodium phosphate/APS-5 193884-53-6
Acridine salt (NSP-SA-NHS)? 199293-83-9
Acridine ester (NSP-DMAE-NHS) 194357-64-7
AMPPD series
SYBR Green I 163795-75-3?
PICO Green 177571-06-1
3 – [3 – (Cholamidopropyl) Dimethylamino] propanesulfonic acid internal salt (CHAPS)? 75621-03-3
2-Butanone acid sodium salt; 2-oxobutyrate sodium salt; A-Butyruvic acid sodium salt 2013-26-5
β- Estradiol-3-( β- D-glucosidic acid) sodium salt 14982-12-8
TOOS cas82692-93-1
N – (2-hydroxy-3-sulfopropyl) – 3 ‘5-dimethoxyaniline sodium salt? 82692-88-4
Monocyclohexylamine phosphate enolpyruvate 10526-80-4
3,3 ‘, 5,5’ – tetramethylbenzidine hydrochloride

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