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The project of 50000 t/a cyclohexylamine and dicyclohexylamine started

October 13, 2022by admin0

On June 8, Anhui Waertai Chemical Co., Ltd. held the commencement ceremony of the 50000 ton/year cyclohexylamine and bicyclohexylamine project in the company’s plant area. At 10:28 a.m., the project site was sunny and the flags were flying; The construction machinery is ready to go, and the personnel array is in good order! Zhu Wenming, Deputy Secretary of Dongzhi County Committee of Anhui Province and First Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Dongzhi Economic Development Zone, announced the commencement of the project.
According to Wu Lijie, the chairman of the company, at the commencement ceremony, the project is an extension project of the synthetic ammonia industry chain of Wartai Company. It is a key construction project in accordance with the leading industry development plan of Anhui Dongzhi Economic Development Zone and the requirements for building a fine chemical industry characteristic base. It is also one of the key projects for the company to move from traditional basic chemicals to fine chemicals and achieve industrial transformation. The project is expected to invest 184 million yuan, with a construction period of 12 months.
It is understood that cyclohexylamine and dicyclohexylamine products are mainly used in the production of sodium cyclamate, rubber antioxidants, accelerators, plastic and textile chemical additives, boiler water treatment agents, metal corrosion inhibitors, latex coagulants, petroleum additives, fungicides, pesticides and dye intermediates, electronic chemical cleaning agents, etc. The market prospect is very promising.

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