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PVC Spot Market Prices Rose in China in December

October 27, 2023by admin0

  According to the data monitored by SunSirs, the price of PVC spot market rose in December. The average price of domestic PVC was 6,008.57 RMB/ton on December 1, 6,125 RMB/ton on December 28, and the price rose 1.94% in the month.

  In December, the price of PVC spot market rose in shock. In the first ten days of the year, the market price rose first and then fell. The downstream demand was general, and the number of new orders was limited. The market price rose mainly in the middle of the year. Under the influence of macro policies, market confidence increased and prices rose. The price fluctuated slightly in the last ten days, and the manufacturer’s price was mainly stable. At present, near the Spring Festival holiday, PVC downstream products will be replenished on demand, and traders will get the goods properly, so the market atmosphere will improve. The quotation range of PVC 5 carbide in China is around 5,600-6,350 RMB/ton.

  In terms of international crude oil, international crude oil futures closed lower on February 28. The settlement price of the main contract of US WTI crude oil futures was 78.96 dollars/barrel, down 0.57 dollars or 0.7%. The settlement price of the main contract of Brent crude oil futures was 83.99 dollars/barrel, down 0.69 dollars or 0.8%.

  In terms of calcium carbide, the mainstream factory price of calcium carbide in northwest China fell slightly in December. The price of calcium carbide fell from 3,750 RMB/ton on December 1 to 3,700 RMB/ton on December 28, a decline of 1.33%. The upstream carbon price was consolidated at a high level, with good cost support. The downstream PVC market rose slightly, and the demand for calcium carbide increased.

  PVC analysts from SunSirs believe that the price of PVC spot market rose in a volatile manner this month. The downstream of PVC will be replenished as needed near the Spring Festival holiday, and traders will take the goods appropriately. It is expected that in the short term, the PVC spot market will continue to operate mainly with small fluctuations.

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