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PU-655 HDI hydrophilic aliphatic polyisocyanate

November 20, 2023by admin0

PU-655 HDI hydrophilic aliphatic polyisocyanate Curing agent component for aqueous two-component polyurethane systems
Model No. PU-655

Type Hydrophilic aliphatic polyisocyanate based on hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI)

Curing agent component for aqueous two-component polyurethane systems

Description of PU-655

PU-655 is a crosslinking agent for aqueous systems, which require good binding stability and chemical resistance.


Due to the balance between moderate hydrophilicity and high functionality, waterborne two-component polyurethane coatings prepared with PU-655 are characterized by fast drying and curing, high final hardness, and excellent chemical resistance.PU-655 is also used as a cross-linking additive for aqueous polyols and most neutral aqueous polymer dispersions (e.g., polyurethanes, polyvinyl acetates, polyacrylates, and synthetic polymers). PU-655 can also be used as a crosslinking additive in most neutral aqueous polymer dispersions such as polyurethanes, polyvinyl acetates, polyacrylates and synthetic rubber dispersions.

Product Specification


Numerical value

NCO content (%)


Viscosity (23℃, mPa.s)


Hazen color value


HDI monomer content (%)


Density (g/cm³)

Approx. 1.16

Flash point (℃)

Approx. 192


Store in airtight containers

Recommended storage temperature: 0-30 °C.

Protection against moisture, heat and foreign substances

General information: Hydrophilic isocyanates are very sensitive to moisture and react with water to form

carbon dioxide and water-insoluble urea. Therefore, they must be stored in airtight containers. All forms of water (humid air, solvents, wet containers)

must be prevented because the production of carbon dioxide can lead to a dangerous increase in pressure. Storage at high temperatures causes a slight increase in viscosity and color.

Material Safety

The material safety data sheet for this product is available on request.

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