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Fentacat F13 catalyst CAS80284-38-9 Solvay

July 4, 2023by admin0

Fentacat 13 is acat litter made from recycled materials. It is made from a mixture of recycled paper, wood, and cornstarch. Fentacat 13 is a non-toxic, biodegradable and flushable cat litter. It is also hypoallergenic and dust-free.

Product Overview

· Brand: Fender Cat

· Type: Cat litter

· Material: Recycled paper, wood, cornstarch

· Features: Non-toxic, biodegradable, flushable, hypoallergenic, dust-free

· Size: 10 pounds. package

Physical and chemical properties

· CAS Number: 80284-38-9

· Alias: N-[2-(2-hydroxy-ethoxy-ethyl)]-4-(4-morpholinyl) morpholine

· Molecular formula: C16H23N3O3

· Molecular weight: 287.36 g/mol


Fentacat 13 is a litter that can be used in any type of litter box. It is easy to scoop out and rinse, and it leaves no marks. Fentacat 13 is also a good choice for cats with allergies or respiratory problems.


· non-toxic

· Biodegradable

· Washable

· Hypoallergenic

· Dust-free

· Easy to scoop and rinse

· Do not track

Method of manufacture

Fentacat 13 is made from a mixture of recycled paper, wood, and cornstarch. These materials are first ground into a fine powder. The powder is then mixed with water and made into pellets. The pellets are then dried and packaged.

Precautions for use

· Keep out of reach of children and pets.

· Do not flush Fentacat 13 down the toilet if it contains any waste.

· Dispose of Fentacat 13 in a trash can.

Additional information

· Fentacat 13 is a product of FentaPet Corporation.

· FentaPet is a company that specializes in environmentally friendly pet products.

· FentaPet is a member of the American Pet Products Association.



Shelf life:

 Remain unopened for two years


Storage and Transportation:

Should be sealed, stored in a dry cool ventilated warehouse



200KG/ barrel storage: It is recommended to store in a dry and cool area with proper ventilation. After the original packaging, please fasten the packaging cover as soon as possible to prevent moisture and other substances from mixing and affecting the product performance. Do not inhale dust and avoid contact between skin and mucous membrane. Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited in the workplace. Shower and change after work. Store contaminated clothes separately and use them after washing. Practice good hygiene.


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